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As a fitness nutritionist protein powder is super important to me! However, there is so much junk out there. Not only is Nuzest the absolute cleanest that I’ve found, just read the ingredients (there are barely any!) but it tastes and bakes the best by FAR! It’s perfect for me because all my clients love it regardless of whether they can tolerate dairy, or are vegetarian etc.

I am always creating recipes for myself and my clients to help them get lean protein in all day long. Often this includes smoothies, muffins, even cookies with protein snuck in. Nuzest is absolutely perfect for that because everyone loves the taste and it bakes AMAZINGLY (a lot of other powders get chalky etc.). Finally, it contains all nine essential amino acids. This is hard to find especially amongst plant based proteins. I really have not encountered a more quality product and myself and my clients love every single flavor!

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