Raw “Peanut” Butter Cheesecake Recipe

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I give you this GIANT, raw, vegan refined sugar free, & paleo “peanut butter” cup cheesecake. So tag all your vegan, paleo, meat eater friends cuz this dessert is sure to satisfy any diet preference.

Recipe is courtesy of @lilsipper.



6 Evo Hemp Bars of choice


2 cups unsweetened nut milk

14 oz cashews (almonds will also work)

1 cup Organic Sunbutter

1 Tbsp vanilla extract

2 Tbsp coconut sugar (or more if you want it sweeter. See #4 below)

1 tsp pink Himalayan salt

1/2 cup raw coconut butter (melted)

4 scoops (50g) NuZest Smooth Vanilla Clean Lean Protein

Mini vegan sugar free chocolate chips

Mini PB cups (leave out if paleo or find a paleo version)


1. Flatten Evo Hemp bars in a 9" spring-form pan. In a high-speed blender (I used my Vitamix), blend nut milk, nuts, Sunbutter, vanilla, coconut sugar, & salt on high until completely smooth. (It will thicken so be sure to use a tamper tool to facilitate blending).

2. Add cacao butter and blend again.

3. Add the protein powder and blend one more time.

4. Pour the filling in the lined pan of hemp bars and evenly spread out. (At this point I sprinkled a line of coconut sugar throughout to create the dark brown ‚"cracks" you see.) Tap pan on the counter to eliminate any air bubbles.

5. Top with chocolate chips and PB cups if desired and press them down into filling.

6. Freeze at least 3 hours, or until the surface is firm when tapped. Store in freezer and let thaw 5 minutes before cutting/serving.

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