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Aloha Rawnola. Sounds dreamy, doesn't it? Although, if you're like us, you might have no clue what "rawnola" actually is. The term "rawnola" is fairly new, but it's a concept that has been around for awhile. It's simply granola that is in its raw form, which means that you get all the crunchy, sweet, and satisfying qualities of granola without having to turn on your oven. Plus, it's high in protein and only takes a few minutes to make!

Recipe was given to us by Holistic Chef, and Fitness + Yoga Instructor, Selina Russell.

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  1. Put the dates, oats, salt, and protein powder in a food processor, then pulse to loosely combine.
  2. Add coconut and pulse just to incorporate without keeping texture.
  3. If you like rough chopped nuts, add them last and that's it. Easy peasy!

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