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Corey Joseph is a personal trainer and aspiring bodybuilder with a background in Behavioral Sciences and Social Work. He has taken aspects of both to develop his personal training professional practice. A large target for Corey's personal training program are those that live with developmental diagnoses and addiction challenges. With a passion for teaching while empowering, Corey thrives on motivating clients to create a healthy lifestyle by making fitness accessible and fun for all. Learn more about Corey Joseph by checking him out on Instagram at @Cor_Kashif.

Q: Why is health and wellness important to you?

It starts with self care. Learning to take care of yourself makes it possible for us to take care of others.

Q: While living a busy life, how do you practice a healthy lifestyle within your career?

As a personal trainer, it's important for me to lead by example for my clientele but also living a healthy lifestyle is my "me time." Taking time out to take care of my mind and body is a priority, which I encourage for my clientele and those in my life as well. 

Q: What advice would you give to other men about living an active lifestyle?

Be kind to yourself. There is no rush and no other competition. It's okay to have a big goal, but creating small ones along the way will give you opportunities to reward yourself and revisit the end goal. This allows you to check in to ensure you're doing it for you.

Q: What is a health or fitness tip/hack you can share with us?

1st tip: Variables bring about change! Get comfortable being consistent with changes.

2nd tip: I love using timers to train. This helps me stay focused and disciplined throughout my workouts. When you start adding waiting while working times within the same time frame, we start working more efficiently!

Q: How are you celebrating Men’s Health Week (June 14th-20th) this year?

With Nuzest of course! 

Q: Any upcoming projects or releases you’d like to share with our audience?

Slowly waiting for gyms and personal training to resume in person over here in Toronto. It's been a crazy year but I'm super excited to get everyone back through the Level Up Fitness Academy doors. In addition to virtual training, outdoor training starts June 14th!!! Looking forward to taking over the gym parking lot to get people moving again.

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