The Best Healthy Road Trip Snacks

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by Katherine Baker, 07 May 2018

Road trips can be full of excitement and wonder. There’s nothing more fun than hitting the open road with some good podcasts and a sense of excitement. And obviously, some car snacks. But what are the best healthy road trip snacks?

Unless you want to be stuck eating greasy gas station food or not the wisest choices from a vending machine, it’s wise to pack some road trip snacks to fuel your adventure. Here are some ideas for the best healthy road trip snacks, so you can stock your glove compartment with healthy goodies for when hunger hits.

Building the Best Healthy Road Trip Snack

Turns out, packing the best road snack isn’t as easy as it sounds. Ideally, car snacks should be shelf-stable, clean, and satisfying. Selecting relatively healthful, neutral snack options is a smart move for those who do not have stomachs of steel or those who may easily get car sick.

Additionally, selecting easy-to-eat, non-messy options is ideal, as most of us want to enjoy our snacks, rather than cleaning it up from the nooks and crannies of the car.

From a nutrition standpoint, combining all three macronutrients (carbs, fat, and protein) will help satisfy hunger and hold you over until you are able to stop for your next meal. If you are prone to acid reflux or car sickness, avoiding greasy or acidic foods (like chips and oranges) may help keep these ailments at bay.

Best Healthy Road Trip Snack Ideas

  1. Fresh Fruit

    Shelf-stable fruits like apples and bananas are great, car-friendly snacks to pack. Pair these fruits with a packet of nut butter and some crackers for an easy, delicious road treat. Nuts are another car snack go-to, and pair well with other snacks to add some healthful fats and protein.

  2. Sandwiches

    Packing a loaf of whole wheat bread (or your favorite bread variety) and a jar of nut butter is another wise idea. A quick peanut butter (or nut butter) and jelly sandwich can come in handy for a snack or meal when your roadside options are slim.

  3. Dried Fruit

    Additionally, keep your eye out for freeze-dried or dehydrated fruits and vegetables at the store. Unlike chips, which can be greasy, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are a mess- and refrigeration-free way to get some produce in, and are packed with flavor. Mangos, beets, strawberries, bananas, sun dried tomatoes and sweet potatoes are all absolutely delicious dehydrated or freeze-dried, and great sources of fiber, which can be difficult to get on the road.

  4. Snack and Protein Bars

    Protein and snack bars are another great thing to have on hand while on a road trip. Look for bars with a combination of protein, fat, and carbs to keep you full. You should also aim to avoid those with a plethora of processed ingredients and loads of sugar to keep you from feeling icky.

  5. DIY Snacks and Bites

    And if you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own protein bars or bites to take on your road trip. Nuzest’s recipes section has a plethora of tasty ideas. Make a batch of these Mini Superfood Macaroons, Vegan Protein Snack Bites, Apple Roll Ups, or Chewy Muesli Bars for some extra tantalizing road trip snack inspo.

No matter where your adventures take you, packing the best healthy road trip snacks can help you stave off “hanger” and make the most of your trip. Keep these best healthy road trip snack ideas next time you hit the open road, and you’ll be happy, healthy, and fueled no matter where you go.

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